16 Jan 2018


Workers win when we unite and fight. Last year, IDG members organized and won a New York City law and a Taxi and Limousine Commission rule which forced Uber and Via to add a tipping option to their apps, resulting in another $10-$50 in drivers pockets per week. Now we must come together to win a For-Hire Vehicle-specific minimum wage that’s high enough to provide for our families.

The Pay Organizing Committee—the group of workers organizing to win fair pay—approved a proposal to ensure workers can provide for our families. These are our key demands of the proposal:

  • The IDG demands a minimum pay raise to driver pay—what drivers are paid per trip, per minute and per mile after fees and surcharges—by 37% across all platforms including Uber, Lyft, Juno, and Via.
  • The IDG demands a maximum commission. We must prevent Uber from charging our passengers more than double what a worker is paid. We demand that Uber and other companies must not charge our passengers over 20% what a worker is paid.
  • The IDG demands workers receive deadhead pay—getting paid for our trip back to New York City while no passenger is in the car.

You may find the full proposal how to improve pay here. If you support our demands, sign our petition, join the Pay Organizing Committee, and tell your fellow drivers.