Zero Violence Campaign

We at Independent Drivers Guild are actively working with companies like Lyft and Uber to make driving safer for all drivers. Because no one should be scared for their life while driving. We’re also calling on states across the country to enact mandatory minimum sentences of 25 years to make it clear to perpetrators that assaulting drivers will result in harsh punishment.
We launched the FHV ZERO VIOLENCE safety campaign in 2019 that calls on TLC, and the app-based companies to focus their attention on driver safety. Once again, we’re calling on ride-share companies to fund dash cams for the protection of drivers and ensure our GPS coordinates can be sent to 911 with the touch of a button or voice command.
Additionally, we’re calling on apps to begin protecting drivers and publish a cross-platform database to track and ban bad riders.

App companies must also verify riders and work with local police to make riders’ information accessible in case of attack.
Here’s how you can join the fight for driver safety:
Sign the petition for Zero Violence
This lets lawmakers know that we won’t stand quietly by and let our drivers be threatened.
Sign the petition
Join IDG today
Help us show lawmakers that drivers are together in this fight & that we’re not going anywhere.
Join IDG

We will not stop fighting until all drivers are safe and protected

Our wellness team also offers De-escalating training for drivers. If you’re interested in learning how to deal with difficult riders, click here and sign up for the training.

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