Right to Bargain

“We want a bargaining agreement that lets us work when we want and would stop the apps from making massive unilateral changes to our livelihoods.”

Aziz Bah

Uber and Lyft Driver, IDG Organizer

Fair pay is the foundation of a fair workplace. Drivers deserve to have a stable, reliable income that will not fluctuate with the whims of executives or the marketplace. That’s why the Independent Drivers Guild has prioritized advocating for fair pay for drivers through minimum wage protection and tipping.

Thanks to our members, we successfully organized to win the nation’s first minimum wage protection for app-based drivers (at $27.86 per hour in New York City) as well as landmark benefits and a law requiring Uber to offer a tipping option. Our organizing wins have put over $1 billion in drivers’ pockets. 

While celebrating these wins, we must remain vigilant, as rideshare companies continue to dramatically change the terms of drivers’ working conditions without warning. It is only through collective bargaining that workers stand a fighting chance at ending driver exploitation.