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Drivers Deserve the Right to Own Their Own Vehicles

Tens of thousands of New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission drivers are stuck renting or leasing their work vehicles from large, exploitative fleet companies as a result of the city’s for-hire vehicle cap. We urge the Taxi and Limousine Commission to stop licensing vehicles to big fleet owners and instead give individual drivers a right to own.


Drivers deserve the right to own their own vehicle, including electric and wheelchair accessible vehicles. All TLC drivers who have been driving for at least two years should be exempt from the pause on licensing for-hire vehicles.


Renting or leasing a for-hire vehicle costs more than $20,000 per year. It is much more costly than owning. For low income for-hire vehicle drivers who are already struggling to make ends meet and support their families, that is a heavy cost. We are demanding a right to own our own vehicles.


New York leaders say they stand with workers, they stand with immigrants, yet they have allowed this policy to keep thousands of low income, largely immigrant workers beholden to large fleet owners with exploitative practices. If you stand with workers and immigrants, then you must give us a right to own.


Complete this form to tell TLC you deserve the right to own your vehicle.


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Support the PRO Act


Workers across the country are speaking out to demand living wages and safer working conditions. Right now, the laws give too much power to corporations and not enough to us. We’re standing up to change that.


Momentum is building for the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, known as the PRO Act, so we can ensure that all workers can join together and take collective action for a better life.


Take action:

Sign the petition.

Tell Congress to pass the PRO Act now!


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Demand an End to the Carjackings

Today, we demand that ride-hailing and delivery app providers work with us to address the recent increase in carjackings and other criminal incidents. Dozens of rideshare drivers and delivery workers have been targeted as victims of carjackings in Chicago in the last few months alone.

These common-sense improvements will protect both drivers and their passengers from ensuring safe transit during the COVID-19 pandemic:


  • Passenger verification
  • Mandatory passenger profile photos
  • Mandatory mask-wearing selfie when ordering a ride
  • Credit card fraud verification
  • Stolen account warning
  • Police zone warnings in-app
  • Passenger background check
  • Panic button
  • Special crime victim insurance
  • Increased penalties for assaults
  • In-vehicle cameras
  • Safety violation charges

Every rideshare and delivery driver and passenger in Chicago needs to know that we are specifically being targeted for these crimes. As such, we ask for your help and solidarity in fostering a safer industry. Sign our petition here.

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Drivers' Bill of Rights Petition

Call To Action! To End the war on New York City For-Hire Vehicle TLC Drivers.
Sign our petition to put a stop to this unfair treatment of app-based companies.

App-based companies plan to follow Lyft’s lead in locking drivers out of its app at times and places with low demand. Starting Tuesday, September 17th, 2019, Uber will lock drivers out of its platform at times and locations that few riders are requesting trips.

Sign our petition to put a stop to this unfair treatment of app-based companies.

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Demand Lower TLC Insurance Policies

Target: American Transit Insurance Co. ; Hereford insurance Co; Maya insurance Co. & All other NYC TLC Insurance Companies

We are demanding the following:

  • Provide prorated refunds based on FHV miles driven until business returns to last year’s level
  • Lower deposit amount
  • Lower insurance premium cost
  • Eliminate monthly installment surcharge
  • Give us the option to buy into lower premium without losing our TLC plates
  • Allow us to apply the typical last two “free” months whenever we feel the need

Click here to sign the petition