The Independent Drivers Guild's mission is to improve working conditions for rideshare drivers nationwide. While our main focus is campaigning for systemic change, we also provide our members with benefits to help them live better right now.

Below is our current list of offerings for IDG members. Benefits vary by state, so please check your local IDG chapter website for more information on what is available to you.
Avibra Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
The IDG has partnered with Drivers Benefits and Avibra to offer New York drivers no-cost Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance coverage, with the opportunity to earn more at no cost.
Deactivation Protection
Gain access to vital resources to help you get reinstated after wrongful deactivation from the rideshare apps.
Join your fellow drivers as we grow our power and shift the power dynamics to win better working conditions.
IDG Mental Health and Wellness
Access valuable support for dealing with mental health issues like stress and anxiety.
IDG Legal
Get affordable legal help from qualified lawyers.
Sign up for our Defensive Driving Course or our 5 Star Course.
The IDG has advocated on behalf of drivers in New York State to get them access to benefits through The Black Car Fund.
Accident Support
Get help with reporting an accident, related legal assistance, and figuring out if you are owed additional money after an accident.

Don't Tax Rideshare AGAIN!

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Don’t Tax Rideshare AGAIN! Sign our petition to tell Governor Hochul and the MTA, New Yorkers cannot afford another rideshare tax. Don’t add a second congestion tax to rideshare.

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