The Independent Drivers Guild's mission is to improve working conditions for rideshare drivers nationwide. While our main focus is campaigning for systemic change, we also provide our members with benefits to help them live better right now.

Below is our current list of offerings for IDG members. Benefits vary by state, so please check your local IDG chapter website for more information on what is available to you.
SETC Tax Credit

SETC Tax Credit

Financial support may be available to you!

If you had to take qualifying sick or family leave between April 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and did not receive unemployment compensation for those dates, you may qualify for the Self Employed Tax Credit. 

Get Discounted Assistance with Applying for the SETC

Drivers have the option to receive discounted assistance with the SETC application through our partners at Horizon Funding and Quantifi Tax.

Click here to get started on the intake form. You will be contacted by a Quantifi Tax representative within 48 hours to discuss your eligibility. 

Act fast!

  • For drivers wanting to submit an application for the 2020 tax credit, the deadline is: April 15, 2024.

  Limitations Apply


Deactivation Protection
Gain access to vital resources to help you get reinstated after wrongful deactivation from the rideshare apps.
Join your fellow drivers as we grow our power and shift the power dynamics to win better working conditions.
IDG Mental Health and Wellness
Access valuable support for dealing with mental health issues like stress and anxiety.
IDG Legal
Get affordable legal help from qualified lawyers.
Sign up for our Defensive Driving Course or our 5 Star Course.
The IDG has advocated on behalf of drivers in New York State to get them access to benefits through The Black Car Fund.
Deactivation Support
Sometimes ride share services tell drivers that they cannot drive based on incorrect claims made by passengers. And sometimes drivers are rude to passengers and should get help, not lose their jobs. If you were deactivated from and think you deserve to be put back on tell us. We promise we will fight to get you back to work.

We will ask you to tell us when the ride-share service cut you off and why they said that they did it. Then we will go to work fighting to get you back on the platform. We cannot promise success, but we can promise we will fight.

Often we win. And sometimes we work with you and the company to reach a compromise, you go back with limited access at first, or you make a deal with the company that you have to take a customer service class. Our goal is to get you back working.

We can primarily help drivers in New Jersey and New York State but want to hear from everyone.

If you have been deactivated or if a ride-share service has restricted when and where you can drive as a result of an allegation that you did something wrong. 

Click here on the website, we will ask you to provide information about your situation so that we can begin to get you back to work.

And, if you have already submitted a case: 

Click here to check on the status. We will work with the ride-share company and you to get you back to work either by getting them to drop their case, agreeing to a “probation” or agree that you can return to work if you agree to take a class with IDG.

Accident Support
Get help with reporting an accident, related legal assistance, and figuring out if you are owed additional money after an accident.
Fall 2024 - Free Flu Shots
Check back here in the Fall of 2024 for your free Flu Shot benefit!