Women Drivers

Historically, for-hire vehicle drivers were almost exclusively male. However, thanks to the hard work of pioneering women drivers, that has begun to change. Thousands of women across the United States work as professional for-hire vehicle drivers.

As the nation’s largest for-hire vehicle driver organization, we are proud to elevate the voices of Women drivers. Since our founding in 2016 through today, Women drivers have played important roles in guiding the work of the Independent Drivers Guild. It was Women drivers who spearheaded our first campaign for restrooms for rideshare drivers at the airports and Women drivers have again and again delivered some of the most compelling testimony to win important rights and protections for all rideshare drivers.

Are you a Woman Uber or Lyft driver looking to connect with other Women drivers about the unique challenges in our industry and how we can improve the rideshare industry? Do you have ideas to improve driver safety or tips for other Women drivers?

Sign up here to join our new Women Driver Meet-Ups groups: Women Behind the Wheel.

We’re launching virtual meet ups to bring together Women drivers from across the United States to connect, support one another and share ideas and inspiration for creating a better for-hire vehicle industry for all.