Tell Councilman Paul Vallone: We Need Fair Pay For Drivers

05 Jun 2018

We’ve taken to the streets to protest the Diaz Bill (Intro 838) that threatened to tax us $2,000 a year and eliminate our ability to work for multiple companies. Nevertheless, some members, of the City Council have refused to meet with IDG representatives. Paul Vallone is one them.

Call Paul Vallone at 1-833-290-1102, or by clicking this link, and tell him to protect driver pay.

After you are connected, follow the script:

Hi, my name is ___________ and I’m a For-hire Vehicle Driver and member of the Independent Drivers Guild, the organization that represents over 65,000 app-based professional drivers in NYC. I’m calling to ask why Councilman Vallone refuses to meet with us to talk about the Diaz Bill. Councilman Vallone is a member of the For Hire Vehicle committee, and every other member has met with us. His office can schedule a meeting by calling us at 718-841-7330. Thank you, have a nice day.