Uber & Lyft Drivers Celebrate Right to Advertise Legislation in NYC

20 Dec 2023

From NYC Council Member Amanda Farías Office:

Council Member Amanda Farías Announces Legislation that Allows for Interior Advertising in For-Hire Vehicles alongside Rideshare Drivers and Labor Leaders

New York, NY— Council Member Amanda Farías, Chair of the Committee on Economic Development, announced the passage of Introduction 1139-A alongside rideshare drivers, labor leaders, and fellow elected officials ahead of the New York City Council’s last Stated meeting of the year. This legislation will allow for drivers to opt-in to interior advertising in for-hire vehicles providing drivers with an opportunity to earn a passive income from advertisements. This would allow for more money for our hard working drivers and create a bridge between the driver and their clients through personalized questions to learn more about the drivers. It has been shown that when clients are presented with a visible reminder to tip their driver on in-car infotainment screens, drivers see a 13% increase in the tips received.

New York City is home to roughly 100,000 ride-share drivers. Driving a rideshare vehicle is a tough job – it often requires 10 or more hour days going back and forth between some of the farthest and busiest corners of our City. The rideshare economy has provided and continues to provide a huge opportunity for working class and immigrant communities to have financial stability and upward economic mobility for themselves and their families. 

This bill puts New York City rideshare drivers first. The ability for drivers, specifically that service our outer borough communities, to have advertisements in their cars comes at an urgent moment – with more fees incoming to our drivers in communities like District 18 due to rising gas prices, calls to electrify, congestion pricing and the upcoming green rides initiative. The revenue sharing model outlined within this bill will allow drivers to truly reap the benefits of the ad revenue, as they will earn 25% of every ad that plays on the tablets. 

“As Chair of the Committee on Economic Development and the representative of a large portion of rideshare drivers in the Bronx I am incredibly excited to announce the passage of Introduction 1139-A – in car-advertising for for-hire vehicles! This legislation will provide drivers with an opportunity to earn a passive income from advertisements; and it still allows customers to mute, turn off the tablet, play games, learn about who is giving them their ride, and see parts of the city on their screen. Through this legislation we are allowing for more money for hard working drivers and creating a much needed bridge between the driver and the passenger through personalized questions to learn more about their drivers and to increase their chance of getting tips by nearly 15%. The rideshare sector is not only a huge opportunity for hard-working people, but it is also a key part of our City’s economy, transit systems, and is an essential part of so many New Yorkers day to day lives. This bill puts New York City rideshare drivers first and I am incredibly proud to have gotten this done for drivers in just 4 months. Thank you to everyone who worked on this with my office – IDG, AFL-CIO, Lyft, Uber, NYTWA, for-hire vehicle drivers, and so many more,” said Council Member Amanda Farías, prime sponsor of Introduction 1139-A. 

“Our rideshare drivers help get hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers where they need to go every single day,” said NYC Council Majority Whip Selvena N. Brooks-Powers, Chair of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. “TLC drivers provide our city an essential service, and they deserve every opportunity to earn a livable wage. I thank Council Member Farias for her leadership on this issue, and the Council will continue to work to uplift drivers in the coming term.”“With soaring expenses across New York City, for-hire vehicle drivers are eager for ways to increase their earnings. This opportunity could put thousands of extra dollars in drivers’ pockets next year. That’s a Christmas bonus that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of families who desperately need it. For years the Guild has called for the city to legalize advertising opportunities for rideshare drivers while requiring that the drivers are treated fairly. Today, Council Member Farias is delivering.We are grateful to Council Member Farías for her leadership in bringing this sorely-needed economic opportunity to the eighty thousand hardworking immigrant drivers who keep our city moving!”, said Brendan Sexton, President of the Independent Drivers Guild, a Machinists Union affiliate which represents and advocates for the city’s 80,000 rideshare drivers.

“We commend CM Farias and her colleagues on once again putting Rideshare Drivers first; the passage of 1139-A helps put more dollars in the pockets of the hard working New Yorkers that serve our city’s growing transportation needs. As the largest Rideshare rental provider in New York City, we have always been committed to our drivers’ success, and see this as an important milestone for the industry,” said Jeremy Moskowitz, Executive Vice President, Voyager Global Mobility: Buggy TLC & Fast Track Mobility.

“I’d like to thank Council Member Farias, and Chair Brooks-Powers, for their strong leadership in getting this bill passed. These conversations were driven through the advocacy of the Independent Drivers Guild (IDG) and now, drivers will be able to earn additional income without additional work. It is a win-win for all involved and can serve as a model for other cities to follow,” said Larry Gallegos, Public Policy Manager at Lyft.