TLC proposes raising driver pay

30 Nov 2018

Great news – thanks to you, the TLC is proposing deadhead pay and an even higher pay raise than they first proposed!

We told the TLC that their expense data was wrong. More than 500 of you helped us prove it by telling us how much your lease or rental costs. Over 100 of you showed up to the October hearing in your red IDG shirts to tell them face to face — and the TLC listened.

Based on our expense data, the TLC is increasing the minimum amount drivers must be paid per mile. Their new calculation will raise most drivers’ pay over $9,000 a year.

We told the TLC we need deadhead pay. More than 16,000 of you signed the petition calling for this pay raise and deadhead pay. We included it in our proposal back in the Fall of 2017 and in our formal rulemaking petition to the TLC, back in February. When it was missing from the TLC’s draft rules, we demanded it.

They heard us and have told us they are creating a new minimum pay rate for out-of-town trips to protect our pay.

We told the TLC to prohibit companies from making us slaves to incentives: that the pay floor must be the floor for every trip – not an average of what they pay out to all drivers over the course of a day, week, or month. We urged the TLC to ensure that no trip could be less than the minimum and any incentives would be on TOP of this pay floor so we can have a predictable wage and not just be slaves to the companies’ manipulative incentives.

They agreed and clarified that every trip counts.

These wins are huge, and wouldn’t have been possible without our hard work. We showed up, we made our voices heard, and now we’ve made dramatic changes for the better in our industry. This win belongs to all of us. Congratulations.