Tell the TLC we need fair pay

06 Apr 2017

Today has been marked on my calendar as “doomsday” for a few weeks. But today, we show the Taxi and Limousine Commission, Uber, and Lyft who really has the power: the workers, united.

Right now, your union needs you to email the Taxi and Limousine Commission and tell them to meet our five demands:

  1. Mandate our proposed tipping option. It’s the easiest way to get millions of dollars back to the hands of our members.
  2. End the race to the bottom and regulate pay. We propose a minimum mile and minute pay that is protected from sales taxes, surcharges, and commissions. That pay should be enough so you can make at least $250 in an eight hour work day.
  3. Limit the number of TLC licenses to end oversaturation. New licensees can be added seasonally if the number of trips increases.
  4. Protect UberBLACK/Luxury drivers as a class of their own since they experience the most significant financial burden.
  5. Mandate a right to appeal if a company undercharges or would like to take money away from a driver. The Taxi and Limousine Commission should also be required to audit a company’s records every time they receive a complaint from a driver about underpayment.

Stand up and tell the Taxi and Limousine Commission what your demands are. Ride hail companies make millions by dividing us. It’s time for us to unite under the Independent Drivers Guild and support one another.


Power to the brothers and sisters at the TLC hearing speaking on all of our behalves today.

In solidarity,

Ryan Price

P.S. We are only as strong as our members. Become a dues-paying member of the IDG today. Let’s build worker power in the For-Hire Vehicle industry.