No New Tax Without Driver Protections

New York State lawmakers are working to impose a new tax—as much as $5 per trip—to fund the MTA, and Uber is working hand-in-hand with them to make it happen.

We’ve seen this before. We know Uber and the gang will pass the cost of the taxes on to drivers who are already working longer and longer hours just to survive. Just like they do on interstate trips with the Black Car Sales Tax, Uber and the gang will find a way to underhandedly profit from the additional tax—and leave workers the crumbs.

The city’s problems will not be solved by taxing Uber, Lyft, and Juno drivers. This new tax has nothing to do with congestion: it’s about taking hard-earned money from those who need it most. It’s essential a law is passed to protect our profession and our income before any new taxes.

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