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About IDG

The Independent Drivers Guild is a Machinists Union affiliate that represents over 80,000 For-Hire Vehicle drivers in New York City and advocates for more than 250,000 across NY, NJ, CT, MA and IL. We are Uber and Lyft workers united for a fair industry.

Founded in 2016, The Independent Drivers Guild is the leading driver organization in the nation by virtue of accomplishments through direct actions and advocacy. We are drivers led and drivers powered. Our primary mission is to unite drivers to fight for the right to collectively bargain which is the only way to stop the exploitation and give drivers the power to negotiate better work conditions themselves.

The IDG has been leading and winning the fight to empower drivers in advocating for a lucrative industry, a safe working environment and driver friendly policies. Furthermore, we have been actively working to address drivers hardships and their immediate needs that require urgent attention.

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