Support Fair Leasing

18 Aug 2018

Earlier this week, New York City drivers achieved a dramatic victory in the passage of new worker-friendly laws. These new rules will ensure fair pay and will slow the over-hiring by Uber and Lyft.

But there is a new fight ahead. The truth is because of taxi influence, the City Council did not listen to our demand for a driver cap, and instead implemented a temporary cap on vehicles. Because of that, we expect huge increases in leasing costs to be already underway.

Join us in calling for City Council to end predatory leasing here.

We have to stand together and demand a seat at the table to fight back. Together, we can show City Council the truth.

Sign the petition to demand fair leasing prices.

If your leasing company attempts to raise the cost of your lease, let us know. Send us screenshots or photos of the cost of your lease. Sign the petition if you want to make sure all drivers are treated fairly.