Rideshare Drivers BLAST Uber for Suing to Block Desperately Needed Pay Raise in NYC 

09 Dec 2022

The Independent Drivers Guild Fought Hard to Win an Increase to Minimum Pay, Which Reflects Soaring Gas Prices and Other Expenses

New York, New York – New York’s Uber and Lyft drivers have been living off fumes for years as gas prices and expenses soared, but driver pay remained stagnant.

But, the Independent Drivers Guild, the nation’s largest rideshare driver advocacy group, fought hard to win an increase to the minimum driver pay in New York City. However, today Uber executives announced they would sue to stop the increase to driver pay, despite record corporate profits in 2022.

“In an outrageous and callous move, Uber is suing to block a raise for NYC Uber drivers, the lifeblood of the company who are barely scraping by amid soaring expenses,” said Brendan Sexton, President of the Independent Drivers Guild. “Expenses for rideshare drivers SOARED over the last few years and drivers are struggling to even afford food! Meanwhile, Uber execs are doing just fine and expect their hefty bonuses this Christmas. Meanwhile, Uber execs are doing just fine and expect their hefty bonuses this Christmas.”

“Workers fought HARD for this raise and we are NOT backing down. It’s offensive that Uber would fight a necessary increase for the workers who make the company work and who help half a million New Yorkers get where they need to go, every single day,” added Sexton.

Contact: Moira@DrivingGuild.org