On Bathrooms

07 Jul 2017

The new JFK bathrooms are a result of a coordinated push that included working closely with Port Authority, in conjunction with an all out media and grassroots effort. This victory came after months of stalling and navigating a difficult bureaucratic process, but a few weeks ago we decided we were tired of waiting.

We sent out press releases, text messages, and emails asking members to call the port authority to demand the basic dignity of a place to use the bathroom.

We made the New York Times, among others. And it finally got a reaction from the Port Authority.

They added portable restrooms the next day.

To be clear, porta potties are only a temporary solution. We demand bathrooms with running water and shade. We are also pushing to get more FHV stands in Manhattan to prevent tickets for stopping at taxi stands. If you want to take action, here’s what you do. After we get the final locations accepted by the Department of Transportation, we’re going to push for public bathrooms.

We deserve to drive with dignity. Join us as a dues-paying member at http://IDG.ms/JOIN to keep the wins coming.