NEW: NYC Mayor Mandates Electric for Uber/Lyft

26 Jan 2023

Drivers Guild Applauds Mayor’s Electric Vehicle Goal,
While Urging Infrastructure Support for FHV Drivers to Transition to Electric

 Guild Urges Charging & Restroom Stations for City’s 100,000 Rideshare Drivers

New York, NY— Today, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that Uber and Lyft will be required to have a zero emission fleet in New York City by 2030. The Independent Drivers Guild, the nation’s largest rideshare driver advocacy group, applauded the electric vehicle goal and the Mayor’s commitment to get it done with no additional cost to drivers. The Guild is committed to working closely with the city to ensure that the city’s rideshare drivers get the financial support they need.  To further support the transition to electric, the Guild is urging the city to establish infrastructure support for the city’s for-hire vehicle drivers, namely charging and restroom stations.

“Going electric for a cleaner city for our families is something we support as New Yorkers and we appreciate the Mayor’s bold vision. Rideshare drivers are already struggling to make ends meet, so we are pleased the Mayor has committed to ensure that the transition will come at no additional cost to drivers. To make this vision a reality and provide necessary infrastructure, we urge the city to establish charging and rest areas for for-hire vehicle drivers at critical locations throughout the city where drivers live and work,” said IDG President Brendan Sexton.

“For years, we have pleaded with the city to put in more FHV driver relief stands, a place to legally park and use a clean, running water restroom. There is a severe shortage of these, with fewer than twenty relief stands in Manhattan for more than 100,000 FHV drivers,” added Sexton. “As part of going electric, we urge the Mayor to establish FHV relief and charging stations throughout the city to meet these basic needs for the hardworking drivers who keep our city moving.”


Gas prices and expenses have soared the last few years, and rideshare drivers are already struggling to make ends meet. The Independent Drivers Guild conducted a survey of more than 1,100 Uber and Lyft drivers. The Guild found that nine in ten drivers already have trouble paying their monthly bills. Other findings include:

  • Over 90 percent of drivers say that Uber and Lyft don’t pay them enough to survive.
  • Nearly 80 percent of drivers have trouble paying their rent or mortgage.
  • Two thirds of drivers have trouble making car payments, paying credit card bills and affording vehicle insurance.
  • Over 50 percent of drivers struggle to afford food.
  • Nearly 75 percent of drivers have children to support with their earnings.

 The Independent Drivers Guild is a Machinists Union affiliate that represents and advocates for more than 250,000 drivers across NY, NJ, CT, MA and IL, including more than 80,000 in New York City alone. We are Uber and Lyft workers united for a fair industry. The Guild’s organizing has secured landmark victories that put billions of dollars in the pockets of drivers, including requiring a tipping option in the Uber app and winning the nation’s first minimum wage (after expenses) for rideshare drivers in New York City.