Need a parking spot?

21 Oct 2016

A very common issue we hear from drivers is a lack of parking in NYC.

That lack of parking makes it difficult for drivers like you to take breaks, use the bathroom, and the like, which can lead to painful health issues for long time drivers.

Tell us – where should the TLC place For Hire Vehicle parking in the city?

Last week, IDG Staff met with the Taxi and Limousine Commission to discuss getting more accessible bathrooms, or at the least, more FHV-only parking throughout the city. They agree, and would be interested in joining us in pushing the NYC Department of Transportation to convert Taxi stands to FHV stands and install more FHV stands throughout the city. But we need to know what the most important spots to get parking are.

Let us know where you think there should be new FHV stands here.

Thank you for your input.