March Newsletter: How IDG IS Fighting Against Rising Driver Expenses

29 Mar 2022

When Times Are Tough, We Have to Stick Together

Skyrocketing gas prices aren’t just an inconvenience for us drivers – they’re a crisis. Costs have already been going up across the board, and our pay rates have not kept up. 

Take Action. Last month, New York City drivers won a 5.3% raise to minimum pay rates. While we’re proud that this raise would not have been possible without the strength of our IDG membership, we know it’s not enough to account for the high costs of our business. The new fuel surcharges from the app companies are either insufficient or leave drivers out altogether.

Whether it’s driving less to avoid filling up your tank, struggling to afford car payments and other bills, or having to get off the road altogether, we know drivers are struggling – and your IDG family is here to fight with you. That’s why we are taking to the streets to tell app companies like Uber and Lyft that we can’t survive like this. Drivers deserve a fair wage, and that means the companies must cover our rising costs and stop taking such high commissions on our fares.

New York area drivers, join us as we attend the Justice for App Workers Caravan on Tuesday, March 29, and make your voices heard. Let these app companies know we are not playing games. We need our money. RSVP here

National IDG Members, stay tuned for a new petition coming soon, so you can add your voice to this fight. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to get involved as soon as campaigns begin. 

Women’s History Month: Women Get the Job Done!

We are also celebrating Women’s History Month. The Independent Drivers Guild is proud to be at the forefront of pushing Uber and Lyft to ensure rideshare work is safe and sustainable for women. We won’t stop fighting until the billion-dollar rideshare industry respects women’s work, not through lip service but through concrete action. 

Raise your voice this month by joining us on March 29 as we call on Uber and Lyft to pay us our fair share.

Driver Spotlight: Charmaine from New York IDG

Meet Charmaine.

Charmaine Christie is a New York driver who has worked for Uber and Lyft since 2016. She became a rideshare driver to ensure she had enough time to take care of her aging parents. Still, Charmaine often works 6 days and feels like she is always juggling.

“At first, it was great. I joined for the flexibility and the ‘good money.’ But expenses have gone up and money has declined. Uber says you are a partner but they basically use you as a tool.”

“With IDG, I’ve won higher wages, tipping, and respectable restroom facilities at JFK. It takes a while to get change, but it’s heartening.”

Charmaine also wants to see changes when it comes to safety. “As a woman in this industry, I wish we still had a say in deciding our trips through the destination filter.” Rideshare companies removed this feature without consulting drivers. “Sometimes I’m out at 12, 1, 2am where I don’t want to be. I think we deserve a say and these companies need to do more to keep us safe.”  

Get Support 

New York Weekly Outreach

NY Drivers! You can find IDG support in the Bronx and at LaGuardia Airport. 

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IL Drivers! We are proud to announce the grand opening of the Illinois Independent Drivers Guild office. Come in and get support on everything from tickets to tipping. 

See the powerful news coverage from IDG Illinois’ grand opening here. 

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Accidents can happen, and legal resources are available here to assist you with collisions that occur while working, tickets accrued on the job, or any other workplace legal matter.

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