Manhattan Bathroom Break

16 Feb 2022

There are over 65,000 new for-hire vehicle workers in New York City today. That’s up from around 10,000 before Uber came to town.

With this shift in demographics, our city’s infrastructure has not caught up—if we have to use the restroom in an emergency, we often times run the risk of losing hundreds of dollars in a ticket. There is a severe shortage in FHV parking throughout Manhattan. In partnership with the Taxi and Limousine Commission, we have been pushing the Department of Transportation (DOT) to add more FHV rest areas, but the DOT is moving extremely slowly.

Last year, the Department of Transportation accepted the Independent Drivers Guild’s (IDG) proposal for more FHV relief stands. We proposed two things:

  1. All Taxi Relief stands should be converted to FHV/Taxi.
  2. A list of 10 additional FHV/Taxi relief stands to be added to the city.

We need your help to get these relief stands up as soon as possible.

Will you pressure the Department of Transportation to create more FHV relief stands? Take action right now by:

Calling 311 directly:

  1. Dial 311
  2. Press 1 to continue in English
  3. Robot asks “What are you calling about today?” – say “Parking”
  4. Robot transfers you to a representative (short wait time)
  5. Once the representative answers, say: “Hi how are you. I’m looking to make a complaint directly to the Department of Transportation. I am a For Hire Vehicle Driver and I am requesting more FHV Parking in the city so that we can legally use the bathroom. Currently the Department of Transportation has an open ticket proposed by the Independent Drivers Guild and the Taxi and Limousine Commission to create more FHV relief stands and I’m asking them to move forward on that ticket as soon as possible. Thank you, have a nice day.”

Along with your push, we are continuing to work with the TLC and Elected Officials to push the DOT to take action. We can only win with your support