28 Jun 2024

New Jersey Drivers Fighting for Fair Pay and Safety!

IDG NJ members rallied this week at the Fair Pay and Fair Deactivation Process Rally to demand the respect and security all drivers deserve. Drivers rallied at Newark City Hall to call for change in New Jersey. By coming together and raising our voices, we aimed to win the rights we deserved and ensure a fair working environment for all, with fair pay and an end to unfair driver deactivations. Thank you to all our members who came out to fight for our rights. 

Deactivated? The Independent Drivers Guild is Here to Help

For drivers, deactivation from the Uber or Lyft apps is a devastating and often undeserved punishment that cripples our ability to make a living. Passengers may lodge false complaints, there may be miscommunication between drivers and riders, or drivers may simply need feedback to improve. Regardless of the situation, due process is essential to a fair and equitable workplace for drivers.

That’s why the Independent Drivers Guild has advocated fiercely on behalf of drivers and become the first labor organization in the nation to negotiate a fair process for reinstating drivers after they have been deactivated. The power to do this comes from our tens of thousands of members who are organizing in the streets, in parking lots, and at committee meetings. We believe in building worker power from the ground up. Due process for deactivation protection is just the first step.

Deactivation Protection is currently available in New York and New Jersey, depending on the rideshare platform. We are continuing to fight tirelessly to bring this program to more states and more drivers. In another state? We can still provide support. Reach out and get back on the road today!

Cook County Health Partnership: Narcan Support for Chicago Community

IDG Illinois is proud to announce a new initiative in partnership with the Cook County Department of Public Health, offering basic training and the supply of Narcan to any driver interested in participating. This program is crucial, given that drivers in our industry are on the streets 24 hours a day, putting us in a unique position to encounter and respond to overdose situations. With overdose deaths reaching all-time highs, the availability of Narcan, a life-saving medication that can reverse opioid overdoses, has never been more critical. By providing drivers with the necessary training and resources, participants can act swiftly and effectively in emergency situations, potentially saving countless lives.

This initiative is not just a response to the overdose crisis; it is a testament to our commitment to the communities we serve. Drivers often witness the struggles and challenges faced by individuals on the streets and can play a pivotal role in community health and safety. This proactive approach underscores the importance of collaboration between public health authorities and local organizations, demonstrating that together, we can tackle pressing health issues and make a significant difference in the lives of many.

Don’t Miss the Summer Fun: IDG Family Days on the Horizon!

IDG Family Days are around the corner, promising a series of exciting events for drivers and their families, packed with food, drinks, DJs, and more. These events serve as a celebration of the driver community, providing a well-deserved respite from the demanding work schedules that drivers endure. This year’s Family Days will kick off in New York on July 20, followed by Connecticut on July 27, New Jersey on July 28, and Illinois on August 10. Check our events calendar for updated information and the RSVP link. Each location will offer a unique blend of entertainment, relaxation, and fun for the whole family. Don’t miss it!

In an industry where long hours and unpredictable schedules can take a toll, we’re proud to sponsor these gatherings and provide a much-needed break from the roads. We look forward to celebrating with our members and their loved ones at these upcoming events. See you there!

Eye Benefit in NYC Leads to Over 500 Drivers Treated

Taking care of your vision is crucial for your safety and well-being on the road. That’s why we’re so proud of the 571 drivers who participated in our Healthy Vision Month Promotion! If you missed out, you can still enroll in Drivers Benefits for your no-cost glasses or contacts and yearly eye exam. Enroll today if you are a Black Car driver in New York State. Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure your eyesight is in top condition and continue driving with confidence.

Victory for Drivers: Congestion Tax Plan Halted in NYC. Congratulations to Everyone who Fought with IDG for This Win!

The Independent Drivers Guild successfully fought against the implementation of the congestion tax plan in New York City, which would have unfairly burdened FHV drivers with additional financial strain. This plan, aimed at reducing traffic congestion in the city, proposed taxing drivers who operate in high-traffic zones. However, the IDG recognized that this tax would disproportionately affect hardworking drivers who have already been paying a congestion tax since 2019. On top of that, drivers already face significant expenses and challenges. Through a concerted effort that included organizing rallies, gathering petitions, and engaging with policymakers, the IDG was able to stop the tax from coming directly out of drivers pockets. Now, with the recent news of the indefinite halt of the entire congestion tax plan, we know our year of fighting has ensured that drivers were not subjected to yet another economic hardship!

This victory is a testament to the power of collective action and the importance of standing up for fair treatment. Our success in stopping the congestion tax plan was made possible by every IDG member who spoke out, attended protests, and voiced their opposition to this unjust measure. By uniting as a community, drivers demonstrated their resilience and commitment to protecting their rights and livelihoods. The IDG remains dedicated to advocating for policies that support drivers and will continue to fight against any initiatives that threaten their financial stability and well-being. Thank you to every IDG member who contributed to this important victory for drivers in New York City.

Driver Spotlight: Meet IDG NY Member Chris Garcia Who is Fighting Against Unfair App Lockouts in NYC

Meet IDG member and Lyft driver Chris Garcia. Chris was renting a Camry to work. Now, he has an EV vehicle. When asked about how driving was lately, he shared. “It could be better. The hot weather has been putting a strain on the battery. You also have to make sure you stay hydrated because you can cramp up and then lose days of work. And deactivation issues are an infinite stress all the time. Muscle aches. Very long hours. There are always things to improve.”

In 2021, the TLC unexpectedly paused issuing EV plates due to market concerns over Revel entering the industry. Unfortunately, this coincided with Chris purchasing a Tesla, leaving him unable to obtain his own plates. EV plates were briefly available again in 2024. Chris applied, but the TLC system identified his car as already linked to a rented TLC plate. Despite contacting the TLC multiple times to resolve the issue so he can get his own plates, Chris remains stuck renting a plate.

“I would like my own plate. I paid $600 to apply in 2023, but there was a mistake on the application. The issue made it so you could not work for 3 weeks so I lost $6,000 in income. And it led to financial issues and fighting with my family.”

Chris has since connected with the IDG and appreciates the work they do to inform drivers about updates within the industry. “Now I get informed about all the new regulations and changes. IDG keeps up with stuff for us.”

Despite his struggles in the industry, Chris is always looking out for his fellow drivers. When asked about the recent lockouts in New York City, Chris shared, “I hope they fix the lockouts soon. I’m seeing this hitting drivers in our group and it’s not fair. We need to give drivers the ability to log onto the app whenever they need to work. It’s a spit in the face to the taxi industry. They need to do better at looking out for us.” When asked if he would join the protest this week to end the lockouts, Chris replied, “I’ll be at the caravan in support.”

Chris was also recently honored for his dedication to safety. This year, he was awarded the 2024 TLC Vision Zero Safety Honor, recognizing him as one of the industry’s safest drivers! Through all the highs and lows, Chris remains dedicated to his profession and hopeful for positive changes in the industry. Thank you for continuing to fight for change with IDG!

Celebrating Juneteenth: A Milestone of Freedom and Progress

Juneteenth, celebrated on June 19th, marks a pivotal moment in American history—the end of slavery in the United States. For the Independent Drivers Guild and our driver members, this day represents not only a commemoration of freedom but also a reminder of our ongoing fight for justice and equality. As we honor the resilience and courage of those who fought for freedom, we are inspired to continue our advocacy for fair pay and fair treatment for app based drivers.

This holiday is a powerful reminder of the strength and unity required to bring about change. By celebrating Juneteenth, we reaffirm our commitment to advocating for our members, many of whom are part of communities that have long fought for civil rights and economic justice. This Juneteenth, we call on all app companies to recognize the contributions of drivers and to commit to policies that ensure fairness and equity. Together, we can honor the legacy of Juneteenth by continuing the fight for justice in all its forms.

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