January Newsletter: What's in Store For IDG in 2022?

29 Jan 2022

In 2022, We Recommit to Driver Safety

Happy New Year, IDG family! Despite facing unprecedented challenges throughout the pandemic, last year saw thousands of IDG drivers coming together to support one another when we needed it most. 2022 will only build off that momentum.

Get ready to add thousands more drivers into our movement. Get ready to push our lawmakers to think about our safety BEFORE the profits of rideshare companies. In 2022, we are taking on the entire industry and demanding safe working conditions and higher wages for every driver. It’s going to be a great year! 

As we mark the beginning of 2022, we are escalating our pressure on app companies like Uber and Lyft to protect drivers. This month, we are launching the Ride Safe with IDG Campaign to let workers know that we are fighting for safety. In 2021, drivers protested at Uber and Lyft hubs, resulting in both app companies adding features to better identify passenger accounts and prevent violent attacks. We also opened more offices to serve as resource centers for drivers. But our work is not done until every driver feels protected on the road.

Team IDG Chicago

Ready to feel safe while working in your area? Are you in a state not yet represented by IDG? Contact us here to speak with organizers about next steps. Driving with IDG means you never drive alone. Reach out today – let’s organize in your state!

Driver Spotlight: Jose from Chicago IDG!

Meet Jose Hernandez.

Last week, rideshare driver Jose Hernandez was carjacked. “This is the first time this has happened to me. I was scared. I did not know exactly what I had to do. My job is my car.” Jose has worked for Uber and Lyft for the past 4 years to support himself, his wife, and his daughter. 

“IDG helped me to know that I was not alone in the situation. It was very soothing that IDG knew what to do in these circumstances. They helped me fill out the right reports. They pointed me to where I could get a rental. I’m so happy I had IDG in my corner for this difficult situation.”

Jose leaned on his IDG family and we were there for him. Jose, we are so glad you are ok and moving in the right direction! IDG will continue to fight for driver safety across the country because we all deserve to be safe.    

Stay Safe with IDG

As we launch the Ride Safe with IDG Campaign, we are encouraging every member to send our video to one driver you want to join the Independent Drivers Guild. Every driver should know about the services we provide, including:

Get Support

Help with accidents and tickets while working or other legal matters

Accidents can happen in treacherous winter weather, and legal resources are available here to assist you with collisions that occur while working, tickets accrued on the job, or any other workplace legal matter.

Free flu shots

Now through March 1st, 2022, free flu shots are available for all IDG drivers! Click here to sign up to get protected as you work with the public.

Deactivation support
Drivers shouldn’t live in fear that unfair rider reviews will lead to the loss of our livelihoods. Resources are available to report and fight unfair deactivations in many areas.