January 2023 Newsletter: Drivers are fighting back in 2023!

19 Jan 2023

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Share Our IDG Victories Video: What Independent Drivers Guild Members Accomplished in 2022 

We faced down many challenges this past year by remaining united, overcoming the odds and winning major victories. Members of the Independent Drivers Guild stood together and united behind an agenda to improve our wages, safety, and rights as drivers. Share what we’ve won by sticking together

New York IDG Members Say “PAY UP UBER!” and Call for Uber to Drop the Lawsuit and Give Drivers Their Raise

Our fight is not over. After Uber’s injunction to block our raises from the Taxi and Limousine Commission, we took to the streets to let the courts know that this ruling cannot stand. New York Independent Drivers Guild members will continue to raise our voices in the courthouses and in the streets until we have our raise from Uber IN HAND!

Illinois IDG Calls on Chicago City Council and Mayor’s Office: End Unfair App Deactivations NOW!

To end unfair deactivation, where app workers are kicked off of platforms like Uber and Lyft without due process – losing their income in the click of a button – Illinois IDG and its partners plan to introduce a citywide ordinance in 2023 to keep good drivers ON THE APPS once and for all. Together, we are working to reform this unfair practice and ensure good drivers in Illinois have a fair process to get back on the road, and back to earning money for our families. From our Illinois chapter? Illinois Drivers: Sign on to end unfair deactivation in Illinois for good!

Massachusetts IDG Take Call for Union, Higher Wages to State House Elected Officials

Our recent caravan from East Boston to the Massachusetts State House showed our elected officials that thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers in the Commonwealth are determined to win the right to unionize for higher wages and better protections at work. We’re stopping at nothing less this legislative session. Take the first step to winning big in 2023 and share our action video.

New Black Institute Report: Congestion Pricing Will Disproportionately Harm Black and Brown Drivers, Communities 

A new report from the Black Institute on New York’s proposed congestion tolling predicts exactly what we feared. The tolling plan would “economically demolish” NYC’s FHV drivers by unfairly double-taxing Uber and Lyft drivers. We cannot all this proposal to move forward without completely exempting FHV drivers. Help us reach our 10,000 signature goal so we can ensure our jobs are protected. Sign on now!

Driver Spotlight: Meet Connecticut IDG Member Adolfo Villalona

Connecticut Independent Drivers Guild member Adolfo Villalona started driving for Uber and Lyft two years ago. In that time, what he makes per week has shifted dramatically. “I went from making $1,600 a week to $500, $600 a week.” The sharp contrast forced Adolfo to go back to his old job and switch from driving full-time to only working part-time. “It doesn’t make any sense. Plus all the extra fees they are charging the customers, that’s not going to us!”

“The percentage that Uber and Lyft take from us is unfair. They are taking more than 50%. The rates for drivers need to improve. All drivers are suffering with gas and inflation and IDG knows this. Together, we can fight back.”

Adolfo joined IDG after seeing how the Guild supported drivers in his community. “They are always there for you. There are very supportive. They have helped my coworkers get back on the app, whatever issues, classes, and all types of trainings. A lot needs to improve for drivers and I know we can fight for our rights together.”

Happy Martin Luther King Day: Remembering His Legacy

Martin Luther King Jr’s fight for social justice and racial equality will forever be remembered. At IDG, we strive to follow in Dr. King’s footsteps by standing up for social and economic justice for rideshare drivers and our communities! Every day, we aim to fight for the valuable wage increases and job protections that rideshare and delivery drivers are owed. This Martin Luther King Day, we affirm our commitment to win drivers the right to form a union, an equal voice at work, and dignity on the job!

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