03 Jun 2019

The Independent Drivers Guild is making the move to the UnionTrack ENGAGE member management platform this summer. The switch to the ENGAGE platform will transform our day-to-day operations, freeing up our staff to better anticipate and solve those challenges our drivers face on a daily basis. By using this next-generation member engagement platform, our drivers can keep up to date with the ever-evolving professional driver’s landscape in solidarity.

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More time for you

The move to the ENGAGE platform allows IDG staff to spend more time focused on better servicing our members. More time for us, means more time for you.

Breaking Benefits News

As new Guild benefits arrive, we will now be able to quickly share those details with our members. If you need to take action, we will let you know.

Can You Hear Me Now?

ENGAGE combines a robust set of communications tools (SMS, email, socials) allowing real-time Member/Guild communication across a wide variety of platforms. Whatever method you choose, important IDG information will arrive quickly.

Your Feedback

From time to time, we may send out short member surveys, to better gauge what our members really need. Your feedback keeps us up to date with issues and praises from the field.


This platform is not intended to replace your existing app-based driving tools.