Holiday Safety Tips for FHV Drivers

20 Nov 2018


  • Travel at speed limit or flow of traffic – Is it worth risking your life to save a few minutes during a trip? Your decisions behind the wheel not only affect you but also the ones you love. Don’t get into an accident being inpatient, this will impact life, health and your income.
  • Bad Weather Driving – Please slow down!!! Safe driving is always based on weather. The first snowfall of the year showed us that any change in weather can lead to bad road conditions. Weather can turn traffic into a nightmare, due to major accidents. Remember your family needs you home safely.
  • Passenger Safety – Take time to make sure your passengers are picked-up and dropped off safely at their destinations. Make sure the passenger’s entrance/exit is clear of bikers, skateboarders, truckers, public officers, etc…
  • Traffic Laws – Some passengers will ask you to break the law, please consider the consequences of those actions, be gentle in turning them down, let your App company know this immediately.
  • Seat Belts – You’re not required to have passengers wear them unless they sit in the front passenger’s seat, however, if they have children please ask them to kindly have their kids wear the seat belt for their safety.
  • Drunken Passengers – Keep your cool, your livelihood is more important than getting upset with drunk passengers. You have the opportunity to place a sticker sign on your passenger’s windows that statesYou are being videotaped and recorded.” We encourage drivers to buy camera mounts (if unable, use your camera phones) to videotape unruly customers for your protection. “Do not touch the passengers under any circumstances, please call 911 for assistance.  
  • Street Hail – Please do not pick up street hails. In the past drivers have been shot, stabbed, and killed due to limited protections.
  • High Beams – Please remember that you can hinder the sight of drivers in oncoming traffic if your high beams are used incorrectly. Please turn your lights down until oncoming traffic clears your path.
  • Flat Tires – When you have a flat tire, please pull over to a safe location, your life matters.