February Newsletter: Recent wins for drivers and more

27 Feb 2023

Happy Black History Month: How We Drive Justice Forward

Every day, we aim to fight for the valuable wage increases and job protections that rideshare and delivery drivers are owed. This Black History Month, we remember the civil rights leaders and activists who committed their lives to changing the opportunities and realities of people of color in America. 

From Malcolm X to Angela Davis, Frederick Douglass to Harriet Tubman, we recognize that it takes great determination to fight for what is right, despite the racist and monied powers that stand against change. We affirm our commitment to see drivers of every background and origin win the right to form a union, an equal voice at work, and dignity on the job!

New York IDG Members Win Pay Increase, Call on Uber to Give Drivers Their Full Raise and Testify at March 1 TLC Hearing

Thousands of NYC drivers protested Uber’s lawsuit that held up our hard-earned raises on a legal technicality. Recently, we won a partial raise. This is a great first step, but we want the full increase that we deserve. To make sure drivers get their entire raise, please join us on Wednesday, March 1 at 10 am in the hearing room at 33 Beaver Street – 19th Floor, New York, NY 10004. There, we will tell the Taxi and Limousine Commission that we need our full raise to cover growing expenses and keep up with inflation.
Join us for the TLC Hearing for our raises: RSVP HERE. Can’t join in person? We will also be sharing our petition with the Commission calling for our full raise. Make sure to sign the petition today!

New Video to Share – Illinois IDG Calls on Chicago City Council and Mayor’s Office: End Unfair App Deactivations NOW!

To end unfair deactivation, where app workers are kicked off of platforms like Uber and Lyft without due process – losing their income at the click of a button – Illinois IDG and its partners with Justice for App Workers have introduced a citywide ordinance to keep good drivers on the road. Together, we are working to reform this unfair practice and ensure good drivers in Illinois have a fair process to get back to earning money for our families. Please share Justice for App Workers’ video to end unfair deactivation in Illinois for good!

Massachusetts IDG Members File Rideshare Driver Justice Bill for Right to a Union, Fair Compensation

Uber and Lyft drivers in the Commonwealth are determined to win the right to unionize for higher wages and better protections at work. That’s why this legislative session, we have taken the first big step to transform our industry in 2023 and filed the Rideshare Driver Justice Bill. This month, Massachusetts Independent Drivers Guild members took to the State House to rally legislatures around our bill. Together, we will win the changes we deserve for drivers in Massachusetts and across the country!

Driver Spotlight: Meet Illinois IDG Member Irineo Bolusan

Illinois IDG member Irineo Bolusan has been driving for rideshare since its inception! “I was one of their first drivers. Worked before tips.” He says the first few years were not easy. “They would be yelling at us, not trusting the GPS directions.” Irineo says the company really threw drivers to the wolves while drivers were the ones with their safety and their resources on the line. “They were using my car. I’m paying for maintenance and gas. And they can just terminate us at any time.”

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Irineo when he was unfairly deactivated from Uber. He has been working with Lyft ever since but says driving has only gotten harder. “They’ve decreased the price of how much they pay the drivers. In the past, I always made the mileage. So if I drove 25 miles, I would make $25 or a little over. It’s nowhere near that now.”

Meanwhile, the cost of living has increased. “I pay rent, utilities. Everything has gone up dramatically.” Still, this IDG member is proud to be part of an organization that’s fighting back.

“I really like IDG. It’s a great place for drivers to bond and to be able to share experiences. I really appreciate and enjoy how IDG is fighting for the drivers. I did bring up being part of a union in 2012. And everyone was telling me ‘oh, it would never work.’ But now I see Lenny and everyone who is working hard on this project and I’m so grateful for that. I really appreciate that so much.” 

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