February Newsletter: Our Movement is Growing

28 Feb 2022

So much to celebrate this February!

This month, we ring in Chinese New Year and Black History Month. The Independent Drivers Guild believes that the diversity of our community is our greatest strength. 

This is the year of the tiger for those who recently celebrated the Lunar New Year. All of us at IDG wish you strong health and good fortune, and another year of advocating together to uplift drivers of color.

We are part of the movement for social, economic, and racial justice. We’ve been proud to stand against Asian hate and stand up for Black lives. This month, we remember the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hamer, and many more who dedicated their lives in the pursuit of safety and prosperity for Black people. 

We are also celebrating that the Independent Drivers Guild has made history by joining the Justice for App Workers coalition. Justice for App Workers is made up of nine grassroots worker organizations like ours, representing nearly 100,000 New York rideshare drivers and delivery workers – all fighting together to transform our industry and hold Big Tech companies accountable to the workforce that drives their profits.

Justice for App Workers launched in New York, but that’s just the beginning. As coalition co-chair and United Delivery Workers Association President Nabin Tamang said, “Fair wages and safety, these are not just issues for New York City app workers. We want to see protections from coast to coast. App workers cannot wait.”

The coalition has been featured in Washington Post, CBS New York, Telemundo, Univision

ABC News, Yahoo! News, and more. 

Follow Justice For App Workers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and learn more at justiceforappworkers.org.

Are you with us? Is IDG not in your state yet? Contact us here to speak with organizers about next steps. Reach out today – let’s organize in your state!

Driver Spotlight: Moses from Connecticut IDG!

Meet Moses Dahn.

Moses Dahn is a Connecticut driver who was deactivated from Uber in November 2020. Moses was deactivated from Uber after a background check that provided no adequate justification for the closing of Moses’ account. After this unfortunate event, Moses kept his deactivation to himself because he was unsure of how to solve the issue. But he decided to reach out to IDG.

“I figured that I’d reach out because I didn’t know what was going on. They helped me through this process to reach out to Uber and Uber has opened my account. Today I am driving with Uber,” said Moses.

“If you have any problems with Uber, Lyft, or any rideshare company, a personal problem, share it with IDG. They’ll listen. I trusted them and they came through for me and I respect them very much for this,” Moses said. 

After his reactivation with Uber, Moses is glad that he can now get back to driving to help support his family. “I need you guys to trust IDG.” Moses said. “Trust the process and trust they are going to do good for us.”

If you or a driver you know has been deactivated visit iamdeactivated.com or visit your local IDG office to receive support. Share Moses’ story here.    

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