Beyond the Black Car Fund

09 Jan 2017

A statement from IDG Founder, Jim Conigliaro, Jr.:

Governor Cuomo is right that the Black Car Fund, which provides safety training and workers’ compensation for drivers injured on the job, must be part of any ridesharing legislation. Taking that a step further and establishing a broader portable benefits fund supported by company contributions would further protect workers and taxpayers.

Upstate drivers also deserve a seat at the table with Uber, like their brothers and sisters in NYC. With the Independent Drivers Guild, New York City’s nearly 50,000 Uber drivers enjoy the strongest job protection in America and are the only drivers in the world to meet with Uber management regularly to advocate for and win better workplace policies. Without representation, upstate drivers face an uncertain future. They would not benefit from the hard-fought victories won by downstate drivers or have a voice to win future changes.

See op-ed from December for more: