May Newsletter: Don't Let Uber & Lyft Tell Your Story

29 May 2022
Calling all drivers: Make your voices heard!

IDG members, we need to hear from you! Only you know what it’s really like to drive for Uber and Lyft these days – the high expenses, the long hours, the fears that we won’t be able to pay the bills. Take a short, anonymous survey today to tell the world what rideshare drivers are facing and what we’re fighting for.

The more responses we get to the IDG driver survey, the better we can reflect the truth about driving for Uber and Lyft. Your hard work is what’s driving the future of this industry, and only by speaking up can we win the protections and higher pay we deserve. Complete the short survey today!
Not one more: Remembering our fallen coworkers

Over 50 app workers have been killed while working in the last 5 years. This week, IDG joined our fellow rideshare and delivery workers in remembering 12 app workers who died this year in New York due to violence, accidents, and COVID-19. Together, we called on app companies and our government to do more. App workers deserve safety and we will not stop fighting until we can all make it home from the road. Click here to share Justice for App Workers’ video of the recent memorial service.

Driver Spotlight: Meet Illinois Driver Teddi Burgess

Teddi Burgess has been driving in the greater Chicago area for five years. She knows the dangers app drivers face first hand. “When I first started driving, I had one very traumatic trip where two passengers tried to steal my car. I had no one to turn to at that point. Uber never followed up with me. Chicago Police didn’t even show up.”  

Teddi has been put through the wringer but she is happy IDG is now in her state, supporting drivers. “If there had been an organization like IDG that I could turn to, or have a team member talk to me for an hour, that would have made such a difference. Now, I’m proud to be part of an organization that fights for drivers and their safety. And we help people get through those difficult moments.”

Continuing their progress in supporting drivers through difficult situations, Illinois IDG held its first Wellness Fair last week. “It was a huge success. We are making sure that drivers are taking on healthy eating, mind and body healing, and more,” said Teddi Burgess.

The Wellness Fair included COVID boosters, yoga, legal resources, and the launch of a Chicago driver support group! Uber Driver Teddi Burgess is excited to see how much Illinois IDG has done to help drivers. “Just to be part of a community that can offer resources to drivers that are in need, mentally, and financially, it’s a great thing to be a part of, to help drivers like me that need support.” 
Worker power is growing, and we’re in the driver’s seat!

May 1st was the day of the worker! Recognized as May Day or International Labor Day, workers around the globe celebrated labor victories throughout the centuries – and rallied for the battles that persist to this day.

Although the fight against corporate power still rages on, workers are turning the tides and winning! Starbucks workers have seen an incredible number of recent union wins, and show no signs of stopping.

A spark is all it takes, and drivers with IDG are undeniably lighting the way to building driver power! We have won pay raises and historic protections for drivers across the country. Together, we will continue sending our message to Uber and Lyft that drivers need higher wages, benefits, and the right to a union now!
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Accidents can happen, and legal resources are available here to assist you with collisions that occur while working, tickets accrued on the job, or any other workplace legal matter.

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