The Independent Drivers Guild is a driver-led and driver-powered advocacy group fighting for the rights of drivers across the country. Our primary mission is to unite drivers in the fight for the right to collective bargaining, which is the only way to stop driver exploitation by giving drivers the power to negotiate equitable work conditions for themselves. We are Uber and Lyft workers united for a fair industry.

Founded in 2016, we are the leading driver organization in the nation. We represent 80,000 for-hire drivers in New York City and advocate for over 250,000 drivers across NY, NJ, CT, MA, and IL. We have accomplished more for drivers than any other organization through direct actions and advocacy.

From fair wages to affordable benefits to deactivation recourse, we have been leading and winning fights for drivers thanks to our engaged community of members and activists. We believe that all workers deserve a fair and equitable workplace and we are committed to ensuring that independent drivers receive the support and benefits they deserve.

For-Hire Vehicle drivers in New York City
Drivers across NY, NJ, CT, MA and IL
Tipping Option
When Uber entered the market, they believed that drivers did not deserve to be tipped and refused to even make tipping an option in the app. IDG fought to make it not only optional but mandatory for every rideshare company operating in New York City to offer a tipping option.
Prior to our advocacy work, drivers were drastically underpaid and their wages fluctuated in accordance with app companies’ cuts. We waged an advocacy campaign for fair pay on behalf of drivers and secured a minimum wage for drivers, the first in the world to do so. Now, drivers can rely on a steady income, knowing that it won’t be subject to random cuts from executives.
Drivers seat at the table
In order to win better pay and improve working conditions for drivers, we need to take on billion-dollar rideshare companies who will always prioritize their own bottom line. It’s a huge challenge and one that we can only win by working together. Thanks to your support, drivers now have a seat at the table to advocate for better working conditions.
Before the IDG, drivers had no recourse if they were kicked off the apps. There was no way for them to communicate with management or appeal their deactivation. There was no due process. Now, thanks to our advocacy work, New York City Uber and Lyft drivers have the strongest appeal process in the country.

bUILDING POWER for app workers

bUILDING POWER for app workers

Taking on billion dollar ride-hail companies to win better pay and improve working conditions is a big challenge we can only win by working together. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but here are a few examples of where drivers came together to win.

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