Accident Support

11 Apr 2022

If you’ve been in an accident, you may need help paying medical bills, replacing lost wages, talking to a lawyer, or filing an accident report. We can help.


You will be paired with a law firm in Connecticut that has been vetted by our guild and that has a proven record of securing results for rideshare drivers within the state. Your initial call for advice and guidance is free. 

  • Get medical expenses and lost wages covered 
  • Get help reporting your accident 
  • Get a free consultation from an attorney, which can include understanding your rights and responsibilities as a rideshare driver.

How To Use This Benefit

If you are interested in using this benefit, you first need to join the IDG by clicking here!

From there, you will find forms to fill out to request accident support.

If you need help joining the IDG and gaining access to your benefits, or want more information, please contact us at 833-240-7063.