April Newsletter: Union power is growing. Drivers are next!

29 Apr 2022

Workers are Fighting Back and Winning – and So Will We!

This month, Amazon warehouse workers made history. After winning an organizing drive, Amazon workers in Staten Island, New York became the first Amazon workers in the nation to have a union. Now, workers for the world’s richest company will be able to have a say in their wages, benefits, and working conditions.

When billion-dollar corporations think we can’t win, it only makes our victories ever sweeter! The movement for driver power is growing and IDG drivers all across the country are at the forefront. We will continue to stand together and send a strong message to Uber and Lyft.

Hundreds of Drivers Joined Us at the Justice for App Workers Caravan!

Thank you to the New York-area members who took time off from earning to join the recent Justice for App Workers caravan and be part of the IDG contingent! Together, we called on the app companies to cap ride commissions at 10% so our take-home pay is enough to cover increasing gas prices and car expenses. We are proud to be part of this incredible coalition that continues to build power for drivers and delivery workers! 

So what’s our next step after the caravan? We are joining Justice for App Workers in petitioning Uber and Lyft to demand a 10% cap on company commissions per ride, allowing us to take more money home to cover our bills, pay for rising gas prices, and take care of our families. Send your letter now!

Driving is a Dangerous Job. It Doesn’t Have To Be.

As Workers Memorial Day approaches on April 28, we remember the drivers we have lost this year. From violence against drivers, to accidents on the road, to those who lost their lives to suicide while trying to survive in this difficult industry, we take this moment to remember our fallen coworkers. 

In their honor, we will continue fighting for safety regulations and fair pay to ensure we are all protected on the roads and have jobs with dignity. New York-area drivers, please join IDG at the Justice for App Workers worker memorial on May 10. Location and time coming soon. 

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind

If the app companies won’t protect us, we have to protect ourselves and each other!

  • Never lower your windows fully when anyone approaches you. 
  • Do your best to verify your passengers. For example: Ask riders to confirm their name before entering your vehicle.
  • Make sure to keep your doors locked until you know who your passenger is and they are close to your vehicle.
  • Trust your instincts and experience and use your best judgment when driving.

Driver Spotlight: New York IDG Member Lyudmila Melnik

Lyudmila began driving for Uber in 2016. Throughout the years, IDG has supported her. “IDG supports in the good times and the bad times. People turn to IDG when they have tickets or points, or when they are deactivated. Any problems you have, any questions you have, they help us the best they can.”

To support IDG and to make our issues heard by Uber and Lyft, Lyudmila joined the Justice for App Workers caravan. “It was an incredible day! I was very excited about it. If we don’t make the public aware, then nothing is going to change. We need to be there for protests in order to accomplish our mutual goals.” 

“These gas increases affect every driver but our pay has stayed the same. Since our wages have stayed the same, sometimes there is no point to drive! It’s been harder and harder to pay my bills. My brother is actually helping me out right now. Many drivers don’t have that. And our customers are also struggling, so we have to find a solution that works for customers and drivers.”

The solution? Capping company commissions at 10% per ride would ensure we make enough money to keep our wages high enough to continue driving. Sign Justice for App Workers’ letter to let Uber and Lyft know we need more money now!

Massachusetts Drivers Making Moves

This month, Massachusetts IDG members rallied across the state and testified against a ballot measure sponsored by Uber and Lyft that would hurt workers. “This is a direct page pulled out of out-of-state Big Tech’s national plan to cheat states like ours and exploit the already enormous advantages underregulated corporations like Uber and Lyft already lord over their workers.” Great work, Massachusetts!

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